This started out as a blog about the Adirondacks (hence the very short-sighted name of it) but now I am an OFFICIAL ADK 46er (#8226!), who couldn’t have done it, or this blog, without my dad (#8227!)

46 mountains | 22 trips | 8,757 pictures

22/06/2012 – 12/10/2013

PS: I still try to update this blog whenever I redo any peaks and we’ve starting doing a few of the White Mountains/New Hampshire 48 🙂

Rank Mountain Elevation (feet)
1 Marcy 5344
2 Algonquin 5114
3 Haystack 4960
4 Skylight 4926
5 Whiteface 4867
6 Dix 4857
7 Gray 4840
8 Iroquois Peak 4840
9 Basin 4827
10 Gothics 4736
11 Colden 4714
12 Giant 4627
13 Nippletop 4620
14 Santanoni 4607
15 Redfield 4606
16 Wright Peak 4580
17 Saddleback 4515
18 Panther 4442
19 TableTop 4427
20 Rocky Peak 4420
21 Macomb 4405
22 Armstrong 4400
23 Hough 4400
24 Seward 4361
25 Marshall 4360
26 Allen 4340
27 Big Slide 4240
28 Esther 4240
29 Upper Wolf Jaw 4185
30 Lower Wolf Jaw 4175
31 Street 4166
32 Phelps 4161
33 Donaldson 4140
34 Seymour 4120
35 Sawteeth 4100
36 Cascade 4098
37 South Dix 4060
38 Porter 4059
39 Colvin 4057
40 Emmons 4040
41 Dial 4020
42 East Dix 4012
43 Blake Peak 3960
44 Cliff 3960
45 Nye 3895
46 Couchsachraga 3820

Bonus! #47: MacNaughton

(Source: The Adirondack Forty-Sixers)

So, I’m not here to brag, but I had a very good Christmas 2013. From my dad to me, a map with all of our routes highlighted. From me to my dad, a collage of all 46 summit photos (and a panorama of the Great Range as seen from Nippletop)

Christmas Gifts|Adirondack 46

*All pictures on this blog,, are property of mfulleringer and cannot be reused without express permission from the owner*


48 thoughts on “Adirondacks

  1. Had a great time reading your blog. I spent hours on a Sat reading it and enjoying your woderful photos! Thanks for sharing your experience.

  2. I love your blog. A friend and I are just starting our 46r journey and your blog has been helpful in planning. Thanks!! Any advice on that one piece of gear you are glad you slurged on?

    • Thank you!! 🙂 So my dad and I just had a little debate about what I should respond, we both agree 100% that:
      #1 is BOOTS. I was on the verge of tears after my first three hikes when my shoes were just killing me with blisters, etc. It took me two hours walking around in store but I was skipping after my first hike in the new boots. Never doubt ankle support, waterproofness, and good soles.
      And then we just couldn’t resist naming a few others:
      he says #2 is the guidebook and map.
      I say #3 is a CamelBak.
      Then just for bonus: he wants rain gear (a good rain jacket and gaiters) on the list.
      My mom is right, I do talk too much…but I hope that helps!

  3. Great blog! I just started climbing these mountains with my 3 daughters a couple of years ago. So far we have climbed 6 of the easier ones. Your blog has inspired us to get more serious and go for all 46. Do you have a recommendation of the best guidebook and map. The one book we have is pretty dated and does not have much detail on the trails.

  4. I am very impressed. Thank you for these excellent accounts. I really enjoyed the read (s) and the information it provides when planning trips.

  5. Thanks for the great account. My 18 year old daughter got us started last year by dragging me up Mt. Marcy. We did it in 8 1/2 hours (thanks to the 56 year old on the team slowing things down) so our pace seems close enough to yours. That’s a great help in figuring out if a route is doable! This summer we plan to hike Seward etc., then Iroquois, Algonquin and Wright. We’re hoping to have more time in the area in the coming year to add a few more.

  6. awesome website and really amazing photo you guys! congrats on being a 46ser, i’m just beginning with 6 down and 40 more to go:)

  7. I just wanted to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed your blog, and check your write-up before each peak I go to. You have a great, fun writing style and crack me up all the time. I LOL’d the other day when I read that you were holding your hiking staff “like a pimp cane.”

  8. Did you attend the 46er banquet this year? I saw someone who reminded me of you but I didn’t make it over to your table to ask.

  9. Absolutely LOVE your posting! My Dad and I are heading up next weekend to get the Santoni Range (#38, #39, & #40) I’m heading out to get gaiters now : ) Thanks for the help!!

    • Wonderful choice!! I’m not sure what you have in terms of equipment but good footwear is your best friend 😉 Wear shoes/boots that you are comfortable in and the two sock trick seems to work to reduce risk of blisters – one thin layer with a thicker hiking sock over it. Algonquin can get a little steep/scrambly so you might want to consider a walking stick/poles, which can be a lifesaver for your knees. Most of all: ENJOY IT! I feel like sometimes my dad and I get caught up in schedules and making decent time but it’s so nice when you just take your time walking, take breaks (like at MacIntyre Falls) and have a nice picnic (and nap ;)) on the summit.

  10. Thank you SO MUCH! Your blog has been my best friend the past few days, I can’t stop reading! 🙂 — I never would have thought of that sock tip so thanks! I’m getting a little nervous but know I have to keep a positive attitude. I can’t wait to get to the top and see those views, and enjoy everything along the way!

  11. My friends and I have used your blog extensively to prepare for our hikes. We call you “Montreal” and reference you quite a bit while we are hiking. 😊 It has been great reading about your hiking experiences with your Dad. Thanks for the awesome stories and pictures. I am happy to say we became 46ers on October 3, 2015 and want to thank you for your part in our journey!

    • Thank you so much!!! That means a lot to me and my dad 🙂 CONGRATULATIONS!!! Which peak did you finish on? It is such a great feeling when you reach the summit of #46…and then before you know it you’re planning your next challenge 😉 Hope to see you next year at the 46er dinner!

  12. Thank you! We finished on Dix. We were in a cloud but we were lucky to have fantastic weather for the majority of our hikes this year. It was an incredible experience finishing together. I’m working on my Catskills and firetowers but being a 46er is the ultimate. It’s so great being out there! Thank you again for all of your guidance. Hope to see you in May 😊.

    • Still a beautiful one to finish on 🙂 We’ve done a couple firetowers too, a couple in the Whites, but never the Catskills! There are so many beautiful hikes in the area and so little time. My dad has always wanted to do the Long Trail; I don’t think I would thru-hike, maybe section hike parts of it, soo I’m working up to being able to carry around a heavy pack and walk for days at a time. I think my biggest fear with that is rain, I would find setting up tents or breaking camp in the rain very discouraging.

  13. Hey 46ers, we have two beautiful, very reasonable places to stay in Elizabethtown NY. Perfect for hikers…Central location, very convenient…close to all amenities, services, stores and restaurants…however located in a very quiet and quaint section of the village. Please check them out, contact us, we would love to hear from you. See links below: thanks, Sylvia and Bill

    • This one is a hard question! I think I would have to say Algonquin & Wright hold a special place in my heart – those two were my first hike in the Adirondacks and I’ve done them several times since. I also love Giant via the Ridge Trail and Big Slide via the Brothers. I’ve done them all several times in various seasons and they are beautiful summits and trails that never disappoint 🙂

  14. Just finished my 46 on Skylight last Thursday, and in posting on adkhighpeaks I had to mention you and your blog. Your writing and sense of humor and humanity helped me through these last seven years. Several people responded that they’d read you too. So thanks; thanks, and lots more mountains ahead.

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