June 29, 2012
with Tabletop Mountain

March 31, 2013
with Mount Skylight

June 30, 2013
with Gray Peak

 Mount Marcy


2 thoughts on “Mount Marcy

  1. It seemed a lot steeper than in 1969. The summer after we trekked up Mt. Allen for a warm up. The Unitarian Universalist Mountain Club. After all these years it still holds an
    attraction, thought at 76 now I would probably need a air lift to get down. Sam J. Duckworth, former mechanical engineer and manager at the General Electric Company in Schenectady, NY. Member of the 1st Unitarian Universalist Society on 1221 Wendell Ave. in Schenectady.

    • Well I think my my mom would tell me that everything sounds more dramatic when I describe it hahaha! I hope you still get out in the Park even if you’re not comfortable doing all the High Peaks 🙂 I wouldn’t doubt yourself too much though, there are a lot of older folks who put me to shame on the trails!

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