So this August, my boyfriend and I took a little trip to California to do a small section of the Pacific Crest Trail. It was our first real backpacking experience and while it was probably one of the greater challenges I’ve faced in my life – we both loved it and are itching for more!

Frequently Asked Questions (By me to Greg or to myself)

1. Do you get used to it? Being dirty?

Sort of. I treated myself to a couple of wet wipe showers and splashed myself with lake and spring water but you accept that you will not be fully clean. At the end of the day, I changed into my last day’s shirt so that I could feel a little “fresh” and spread out my clothes to dry.

2. Does it get easier with each day?

Yes, it actually does. I will admit that my feet were hurting pretty bad by the last day, but my muscles felt stronger and every day I felt like I could walk faster and farther without taking breaks. The altitude really can affect you, when you live basically at sea level and you drive up to 8,000 feet in one day. (I may have had it worse than other people, but I was happy that I had decided to get a prescription for Diamox)

3. Did we really need all of this stuff?

I know that I pack way too much, and that our packs were heavier than most backpackers, but when I look back at my packing list I can’t regret having a pair of underwear for every day (I justify this by saying that mine don’t take up that much room anyway), I ended up wearing all my warm weather clothes (down sweater, rain jacket, rain pants, gloves, toque), and I will not forego the first aid and what-if supplies because you never know what could happen to you or someone else (emergency bivy sack, bandages, bandaids, leukotape). But we did pack too much food. For sure. The portions were way too big.

Read all about the trip HERE!

Find what 45 lbs (each) of stuff is HERE!

Check out the menu HERE!

Summit of McGee Pass | Pacific Crest Trail | California


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