So now that it’s the winter season again, I am finally making a post about winter hiking gear! I will offer the same disclaimer: I like to pack a lot of things so that I have everything I need in case the weather turns, I’m out late, something happens, and I bring/eat a lot more food than most people. Many people might find this excessive, but you should see what I carry around the city in my purse…also, if you’re really concerned, I have good news: my dad bought me a book about packing lighter so maybe I’ll be cutting down in the future.

Winter Day Hiking Gear


I wear:

  • long underwear top & bottom
  • warm (merino wool) shirt
  • down sweater
  • hiking pants (same ones I wear during the summer)
  • winter liner socks
  • winter wool socks
  • gaiters
  • gloves
  • 2 neckwarmers (this might sound weird but I like to have the thin tight one that fits right over my face but I can breathe through, and then a bigger woolier one that is a little warmer that keeps my neck cozy)
  • toque

I bring:

  • ski jacket
  • Goretex rain pants
  • depending on weather forecast, I might bring an another down sweater or soft shell jacket
  • big mittens that go over gloves (this way, I can do all the little fumbling things with my gloves on but have the extra protection when I’m cold)

General Equipment

  • hiking boots with high ankle collar and Vibram sole (I ended up buying “winter hiking boots” -I found the real winter hiking boots were too much like winter boots and not enough like hiking boots- so I basically just bought thicker hiking boots in a larger size so I can wear bigger socks)
  • snow shoes
  • microspikes
  • crampons (I have yet to use them, but I have carried them a couple times)
  • collapsible hiking poles
  • kleenex & wet wipes
  • hand warmers
  • camera (lately I’ve just been using my cell phone)
  • ski goggles (so helpful on bald summits with wind and snow!!!)
  • Swiss Army knife


  • 2 or 3 x 1L water bottles (I don’t like to worry about the CamelBak tube freezing)
  • lunch
  • Clif bars
  • victory HOT chocolate
  • maybe victory chocolate too, stored in the jacket of course

Safety Equipment

  • headlamp with extra batteries
  • 2-person emergency blanket
  • small first aid kit (including leukotape/compression wrap)
  • compass
  • map & guidebook
  • emergency matches

Adirondacks Winter Hiking Gear